Upgrading the 3.01B to 3.60 Attain

Hi all, did you know how to Upgrade the Navision Attain ver. 3.01B into Navision Attain ver. 3.65 ??? I ve follow the manual, but still cannot upgrade my database version.[xx(]

Hi, When did they released NA 3.65? I know they released 3.60 sometime back. As for your problem, can you be more specific? I know it’s lot of troubles in upgrading specially in the new versions. Regards[xx(]

Thank you for the attention Mr. Rahimuddin. OOOOOw, I am sorry, the version is Navision Attain Ver 3.60. Correct me If I am wrong. What I know from the guide book, the step is : 1. First of all we have to compile all the object in the old database. 2. We have to back-up all object and data. 3. Then we gonna have to do the step in page 45 of “Upgrade Toolkit Document” which is lay in Navision Attain Var. 3.60 CDROM. 4. We gonna do the page 48 map instruction. So the problem is, I dont understand what the book say on the step 7 of page 48 map instruction. All the point is I have done : 1. Backup my old database. 2. make a new database in ver 3.60 3. Restore the backup to the new version. 4. import the object Upgrade301360.1.fob 5. empty all the content of table id : 40,83,5766. page 55 on “Upgrade Toolkit documentation”. 6. I run codeunit 104045 ( page 62 ). 7. I run codeunit 104047 ( page 64 ). I only reach this far. for page 65 I dont get it at all. so, If you have any solution, I would like to see the upgrading concept from your point of view. thanks.

Hi Indonesia could you please change your name. Or is your firstname firstname?

Hi Surya, You must get an overview of upgrading as to what it does and why? What are the issues to be watched out for and how they’ll affect in new version. To get a better view of above, do perform a search on this site for “Upgrading”,“Navision Developer Toolkit”,“Upgrading from navision financials 2.6 to Navision Attain 3.10”. We had a v.healthy discussion including brief overview. When u r through that, then look into the specific issue related to NA 3.60. After performing many upgrades, i don’t depend on this Document except to look out for issues involved and codeunits/function to run. Regards[8D]


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Hi Indonesia could you please change your name. Or is your firstname firstname?

Hi… I dont know how to change my firstname. could you tell me how ??

OK, to Mr. Walter, I have change my profile. thanks for the attention. And to Mr.Mohammad Rahimuddin thank you for your suggestion. Anyway, I am trying to see the issue from the documentation. But the documentation that I am trying to run is not working yet. And I am not upgrading from Navision Attain Ver 2.60 that is very diferent from 3.60. I am upgarading it from Navision Attain 3.01B which is similar in multilanguage feature.

Hi all, I want to ask you is there any problem If I Install the Service Pack for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 ( 1 & 2 ) to my current database ( Microsoft SQL 2000 ) ??? If there is any problem, please do let me know, and if there is no problem, I really need your confirmation about this. Thank you.

No problem. As a matter of fact, you should upgrade to latest SP. - Jens