Using TFS...Complete Object Not available in TFS


We are using TFS as VCS for our development. We observe that in TFS, only 
modified part of object is available; which is unlikely VSS where we can see 
complete object and then additional modifications are saved as versions.

Is this OOB feature of TFS to save only modified definition of objects or 
are we missing on some set up?

Any help is deeply appreciated.


Hi Gaurav,

I have used various tools for version control but I have not used in DAX 2009 so far. But usually you have to create the objects manually first in order to modify them.


Hi Harish,

We have created the repository. After that we have added the objects to Version Control. At this stage the object, in Ax 2009, can be seen in checked out state. We check in the object and go to TFS repository; the XPO of object could be found.

On opening this XPO as text file, we can find that only node definition is present. For example we created CASHDISC table in TFS. Following is the XPO in TFS for CASHDISC Table: