Massive Checkout using TFS


I’m using AX 2009 with TFS and i need to know if there is a way to checkout of my entire code?
Why i need this?
Well we have a process when the APL and Database is refreshed from production to dev, so, if I do an AOS sincronization, the cod from TFS will be downloaded to the AX DEV, that will not be a totally bad thing if the code was not out of sinc with the database (ids, fields and etc) so i need a way to tell to AX to refresgh the intire TFS with the current code of APl. There is a way to do that? I dont whant to checkout every single object by hand.

Sorry if this is not the corret forum to ask it.

Open Team Explorer, right-click the parent main and choose Check out for edit. It will check out files in all subfolders as well.


  • Edits are just one part. Don’t forget added and deleted objects.
  • Make sure that you have no pending changes before you start.
  • Identify changes that aren’t in Production yet, but should be kept in Dev. You don’t want to lose work already done in Dev, do you?

Nevertheless it suggests that you have a serious problem in your application lifecycle management procedures. What you put into Production should always come from TFS, so you should know exactly what changes you have between Dev and Prod and if you decide to return to the released version, you would simply synchronize with the right version in TFS.