User Auto log out

hai there

can we make user to be auto log out if they didn’t do activity for a period of time

let’s say if someone didn’t do the activity in navision for 10 minutes, so they will auto log out…

how we can make auto log out like that?

thanx for the answer

There is and

Are you using SQL or Native ?

i’m using sql server

sometime user don’t log out, so another user cannot login :frowning:

If you have a NAS licensed, you could use a timer trigger to check the Session table (2000000009) for users which exceed a certain “Idle Time”.

But you need to be careful to only kill those users which run on the same Database as the one listed in “My Session” and that you kill users which have “Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision client” in the “Application Name” field only.

Just set a filter according to the rules stated above and call a Delete on the session table. This will disconnect the user.

Using SQL you can list sessions using

select * from master…sysprocesses s

You can run a batch job to kill idle sessions.

hi sir. for this is there programming required?

if so do u know any example code?

kind regards

This has all the code in the download and the explanation of how to install it.

You need to run the NAS server.