How to Kill a User in Navision Those who are idle for long time

How to Kill a User in Navision Those who are idle for long time means 10 mins to 1hr like that…how to kill the session?

please help me…

thanks in advance…

Try the search with “idle session” as keywords.


You can use following sql script for the same



If you are using SQL, why not set the idle timeout session to correspond with your needs?

File->Database->Alter->[Advance tab]->Lockout/Lockout time duration.

If a user is idle beyond the specified time the system will lock them out and they will need to log in again.

That’s not what this is for.

I agree-the timout will be there but not necessarily kill the session.

One might need to write a SQL script for this or do so manually through the SQL server manager[8-|]

No. That has nothing to do with this. That setting is about controlling how long a session (user) waits on a locked resource.

Open the SESSION form, locate the user session and press F4. Simple.

I use an app called Auto Close Idle - works a treat.

Hi Gus,

Have you used this with NAV or another application?

We use it too. Bsically because we are not using sql.

If you go to the liink and screen shots you’ll see all you have to do is enter the name of the application and it will monitor it.

Are you still using this and are you still liking it?