Automatically Logging out of client

i want the client to logout automatically if it has not accessed the Navision Attain server for last 30 minutes. How can i do that…please help me. Regards Anoop

For a SQL-DB, there’s a tool you could download in this forum. For a native DB, it’s a bit … tricky: What defines that a user is idle? In NAVISION, you could check the Read/Write-Actions of each user periodically (e.g. in OnTimer() of the “Main Menu”), save these values - including date/time - and then, if there were no changes within the period, you could define that the user is idle (?). After that, you could run an external program that kills the client (e.g. TaskTerminator from ZeaSoft). Well, this would work (I tried it), but problems can occur. Regards, Jörg Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP

Hi, Please set the Timeinterval propert of “Main Menu” form(id-330) as 1800000 and call the LogInEnd function of Codeunit 1 (ApplicationManagement) if none of the activity happen for last 30 minutes.


Originally posted by Rajeshj: …call the LogInEnd function of Codeunit 1 (ApplicationManagement) if none of the activity happen for last 30 minutes.

??? But the LogInEnd function does nothing but fill out some log records, at least on our system (Fin 2.60). It does not terminate the client. – Heinz Herbeck Waagner-Biro AG, Vienna, Austria

In this case we are using a small, freeware tool that terminates the Navision task from Windows… I don’t remember the original link anymore, tried to upload it to the download section but it didn’t work. Please let me know you e-mail adress and I can mail it to you… Saludos Nils

Thanks to all of you will try and let u know what happened. Hi Nils, my mail id is please send me that tool. thanking u and with regards anoop

Hi Nils, Can I have the tool and an instruction tool too to Thanks.

Hi! The Tool I used is “TaskTerminator” from “ZeaSoft”. You can download it from there: Regards, Jörg