Updating Unposted Transaction w/ New Posting Groups

We have recently chanegd the accounts in our posting group setup. There are a number of unposted invoices that have already shipped. We need the posting to go to the new/updated accounts when we post the invoice. Hos is this accomplished?

F11… (in case you changed ONLY Account Nos, NOT PGs themselves…

But is this really what you need? You may have made changes in Accounts that they somehow does’t match. Altogether, it was a bad idea to do such changes on live system with half-posted / hanging transactions. (Most countries allow such changes only on fiscal year startup, even small & “unimportant” changes).

Yes, we only changed the Account Nos, not the posting groups

So what? I didn’t quite catch you…

Or you didn’t understand my 1st answer - F11 in it means “simply post them, and everything happens as you described” as F11 is shortcut key for posting.

Agree, its much faster to type than 9 words [;)]