Changing Vendor posting group

Hello Folks…Please tell me Will be any problem in changing the Vendor posting group in Vendor Master. The scenario is I have assigned a posting group to the vendor and realised it should be a different one for future transactions so I would like to change in the master level instead of transaction-level each time.

Hi KR,

Generally not, except if you have reports based on it. Just remember that changing it in the vendor table, does not update it in open purchase orders etc.

You are changing G/L related to Payable, For future transaction it will but what for those entries which are already there in the previous account.

Thanks Erik, for your quick reply ya I can take care of the open orders and reports other than if any kindly suggest.

Many thanks,


Thanks for your quick reply. Ya what should I do with that? In that case we generally change the posting group in the order level so there also the effect will be same right? Please elobrate what are the causes going to face with such changes or suggest how should I work on these situations…

Many Thanks in advance…

It will cause the general ledger account Balance not equal to the vendor’s entries Balance.

If so then y NAV allowing to change the posting group even after having posted transactions.

Else at what situation I can change it?

You are right. You would have to move the balances manually, if the G/L Account for the posting group also changes.

If not, then it doesn’t matter.

Also ensure that the Copy Document function retrieves the new Posting Group, and not just reuses the one on the posted document. I think it does, but I don’t remember here and now.