unused stockitems


after entering all BOMs i like to see which items are not ! used in the BOMS, i cannot find a report showing this.

Is there any field in the where used report, so that i can filter out all in the BOM used items ?

Are you talking about the standard BOM (table 90) or production BOM? Even if you filed under manufacturing this is not clear to me.

Run a filter on the item card where the low level code is equal to zero. This will include your top level manufactured goods, so if you then say where the replenishment system is not “Prod. Order” everything left in the view is a purchased code not part of a BOM.

Hallo Joerg,

ich benutze den Produktionsbom und moechte dabei wissen wie ich die nicht verwendeten Rohmaterialien die im lager sind sichtbar machen kann, sonst muss ich auf jeden Artikel zugreifen und pruefen ob der irgendwo gebraucht wird. Dann noch ne Frage wenn ich die Liste Kosten der Strukturstueckliste ausdrucke erscheinen zwar die einzelnen Positionen es fehlt aber darunter die Auflistung, die zeigt nur 0.00 danke dr@euroasiadive.com

Hast Du versucht den Tip von Adam zu verwenden?

Did you try to use the way Adam proposed?

thanks but i have 2 problems:

  1. I am not a natural english, so to understand exact what you mean is a bit difficult for me

  2. As i just start to understand NAV and these guys from MS do not have a real helpfile which help, i could not use your answer



open item list

press table filter and choose Low-level code with value “0” in the filter.

then you will get a list of the items that are not used in production, i’m not sure if this translation will help.

Einzelteilliste öffnen

Tabellenfilter betätigen und niedrigen Code mit Wert „0“ wählen im Filter.

dann erhalten Sie eine Liste der Einzelteile, die nicht in der Produktion benutzt werden, ich sind nicht sicher, wenn diese Übersetzung hilft.

Thanks i got it that the Low level Code is a filtering unit, but sorry when i do as proposed the list also with value 0 does not change( And i have about 20 BOMs already), so it normally should cancel out all items used in the BOM

regards Wolf

make sure you calculate low level code

in manufacturing==>product design==>calculate low level code

Yes I have assumed that you are setting low level codes dynamically, this is a tick box in the manufactruring setup on the general tab. With this ticked when you place an item in a BOM - and certifiy the BOM, the low level code is assigned. If you do not tick this box you need to run the process Romeo refers to after each BOM creation, or your master planning has the potential to be incorrect.

Yes thanks it works yes with the hook in low level

But still my stockproblems not cleared at all

In Finan Man/ Inv/Reports/Inv value i can see all items ,but some do not have a value or qty entry. If i look at

Sales and Mark/Inv Availability/ the items are in the list with full qty of the items cards( in item cards the values also show correct). Why the Fin man report does not show these items( others are correct in).




Drill down from the item card to the ledger entry, navigate to the value entry and note the values and the dates, then ensure your date filters on the inventory valuation report match this. Also ensure the adjust cost item entry report is run. If you can see the values in the entry forms the valuation report will show these - assuming of course they are not sold!