Unable to include VAT charges.


When I post an order with ‘Prices Including VAT charge’ field checked, an error is shown saying ‘the transaction will cause inconsistencies in the G/L entry table’. How to solve this.


Please don’t cross-post the same question under different headings in different forum areas - that will NOT speed up answering your post…

The reason of this message is something another - single “Prices incl VAT” can’t cause this.

Check the lines of your order, what have you got there unusual. Do you have Additional G/L Currency enabled? Some discounts? Especially Invoice Discount, which is entered in F9-Statistics form - if you change line qty/price AFTER entering Inv.Discount, it may stays the same and is uncorrectly distributed between lines…

These all are guesses - if your order is not very big, delete it entirely and recreate from scratch - but, if the problem repeats, then you should check for possible mods, that behave uncorrectly, as standart simply can’t normaly cause G/L disbalance.