Hi all, Freequently iam facing a problem while posting Sales invoices like Inconsistance calused by G/L account. What could be the problem. Can anybody help in this regard. Thanks in advance regards Mahesh K

If i use GST (VAT) then only iam getting this error. I have two companies, i used the same setup in other company,there is no problem only for one company it is coming like that. Can anyody help ? Regards, Mahesh K

Mahesh, these errors are most probably due to rounding errors, I guess you must be using a rather complex tax setup, most probably including localization modifications and customization. You’ll need to debbug through the whole invoice posting process to identify the error. It might help, at least to debbug through the Statistics form, as VAT will be recalculated. Hope this gives you an idea where to start. Saludos Nils

Hi Nils, I did debug the invoice form, i found that the vat amount is calculating correctly. It is creating three lines one for sales, and one for vat, and other is AR. The sales and vat amount are correct but the sum of these two values are not taking in AR. The figure which is shwoing in Saales only is coming in AR also, so the inconsistance error is coming. Iam maintaining two companies with same setup, this problem is for only one company iam facing. What could be the problem ? regards, Mahesh K

Please note - as this is no “technical” problem, i’m going to move this topic to the developers forum tomorrow :wink: And Mahesh - you should post your Navision-Version and SP-Level. I had this problem quite a time ago and it was solved through a Service Pack.

Also, you can remove consistency from codeunit 12 for testing and then take a look at posted g/l entries to see where the problem is.

Don’t do this at home children :wink:

Here is a quote from the Customersource… Issue Several reports of inconsistency errors on Sales and Purchase Invoice posting have occurred when dealing with Sales Taxes in 3.60. In all of the cases, the problem is with a penny rounding issue related to taxes. The lingering rounding issue would result in the G/L Entry posting not balancing to zero by a penny. Therefore, an inconsistency error is generated. Potential Causes In the majority of reported cases, the issue involved a Sales Order with Sales Tax included. The Sales Order Lines include several positive line and then a separate negative line is entered for some type of discount. A separate negative line is being used instead of a Line Discount. The system can run into rounding problems because the system was not designed to handle a rounding process that deals with negative and positives lines. A second issue has occurred in Canada where a mix of Expense/Capitalize and non-Expense/Capitalize tax lines exist on the Purchase Order. The same steps apply to purchase transactions as provided below for sales transactions involving sales tax. Workaround The following workaround in 3.60 can be used until Development comes up with a more permanent fix. To resolve this issue, use the following steps: 1. Go into S&R Setup and check the box for Allow Tax Difference. 2. Go into G/L, Setup, G/L Setup on the Application Tab and enter any small decimal (.01, .05 or .10) for the Max. Tax Difference Amount. 3. Go back to the SO and select F9 statistics and go to the Invoicing Tab. 4. Manually change a line that may be at a half-cent. This is normally the problem line. 5. You should now be able to release the Order and post the Invoice. Any time you are dealing with a mix of negative and positive lines on a Sales Order, there is a possibility that you will need to follow the above steps to deal with the rounding issues that have not been completely resolved. Note: This has been fixed in improvement 25 for 3.60

According to the last post, there is a “non-developers” solution :wink: That’s why i moved this topic to the “end users questions”.