Payment Journal Problems

Hi Basically the problem is the following. I have a payment journal to post that gives a G/L inconsistency error. Which I know relates to the G\L entry table being inconsistent when the entries get posted which are associated with that batch. Now there is a couple of scenarios that I need to explain to you first, before you can fully understand the extent of my problem. This site is setup to adjust VAT and post vat differences when payment discounts are applied. And this as you know is a check box that you need to click in G/L Setup. As well as assign which business posting groups it will be effected by checking the same field in VAT Posting setup. When the payment line is applied to invoices with a calculated payment discount the VAT associated with the discount was not being posted to the G/L side of the transaction. Which in turn resulted in the G/L inconsistency error. Once you deselect the VAT adjustment the payment journal will post. Whenever the system calculates this payment vat adjustment as result of discounts being applied to payments the G/L inconsistency error occurs. Which is a must for this site. We have now found that if we tick the option in the G/L setup called unrealized vat the journal does post and then does calculate the payment adjustment for the discounts applied to those payment lines for vat. Being that the Payment adjustments options in the G/L and Vat posting setup is also activated. We think it is as a result of the fact that at this site has two currency groups was setup incorrectly. They are ZAR and USD. This site does not use foreign currency. SO no currency must have been setup in the first place and for some reason apperently unrealized Vat is used for mulitple currency. SO soemone here must have posted an invoice with aforeign which can only be usd. How they and if they tie up I dont know. But if you can help with regards to this I will appreciate it. I dont like to fix a problem without knowing cause. If in fact this is the way to fix the journal not posting VAT Payment adjustments

Okay The whole question seems to have come out of left field, so my answer will come out of right field [:D]. A while back we were setting up a customer for payment discounts and could not get the VAT payment discount calculating. Eventually we found that this was due to the VAT Tolerance % being set to zero. Logical I suppose but annoying. We had Payment Discount Excluding VAT ticked and the Adjust for Payment Discount unticked. Unsure if that is any help to you at all [:D]