Inconsistency error @ Service Invoice Posting

Hi All,

In Nav 2009 IN (SQL).

I’m getting an inconsistency error at time of Service Invoice Posting. Debugger stop at the function named “PostWithLines” in CU 5980 Service-Post.

Kindly help to solve this issue…

Why the “COMMIT” is called many times in the this function??

Actually Service Line Calculate the VAT Amount but the Posting routings are not carry the value into Gen.Jnl Line to post to the GL.

I’m in doubt[^o)]

VAT Amount should be calculated in Service Line ??

This error is usually generated when there is a fractional / decimal difference in values posted to the GL.

For example when rounding precision is different on the different tax calculations.

Can you replicate this error in the Cronus database?

Is the setup of the rounding rules correct?

Compare your database settings for Tax Rounding and Rounding on Amounts and with Cronus setup.

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your reply. Actually I’m now working on CRONUS India Ltd.db in Nav2009.

Rashed Tips shows me that VAT ENTRY is not Posted to the GL. Is your reply be a reasen for not to carry the entry into GL ??

The question is about the sum of the transaction values and is there a zero balance ofr DR and CR…

If the posting routine is failing (configuration or bug) then there will be an inconsistency.

I’m mot familiar with the Indian version. Are there chanes in the area of Tax calculation?

Just a guess, or better a question: Is WHT used in the indian version?