the connection to sql server was lost or never established in Navision RTC

Hi Expert,

I installed Navision 2013 by 3 tiers without demo db. then copy test environment DB into this environment. now, I can open this DB from Nav Developement , but I can’t open this from RTC. RTC show me “the connection to sql server was lost or never established in Navision”. does anybody can help ?

PS. 1. Nav dynamics Server is runninng.

  1. my name is in administrator group.

Check Navision Service Logon Account… from NAV Administrator… and if its o then go to sql server -->sequrity–>USER_NAME—>Properties—>UserMapping—>Database_Name—>dbo_owner—>true,Public—>true…

Hi James/Palak,

Sorry but this actually has nothing to do with your user setup or permissions.

Most likely it’s because you’re not connecting to the correct NAV server or the customsettings.config file for the NAV service has not be configured correctly. When you connect to NAV using the NAV 2013 windows client then it’s done using the NAV connection URL. This URL is formed like this:


Example: localhost:7046/DynamicsNAV.

You are getting the port number and instance name from the customsettings.config or the “NAV 2013 Administration” management console. And you can also use the the “NAV 2013 Administration” management console to update the settings if they are not set correctly.