NAV 2013 error - The program could not create a connection to the server.

I did get NAV 2013 successfully installed, but I am getting this message when starting the Windows Client (i.e. RTC):

0576.Could not create a connection.JPG

Didn’t find a lot on the internet on this for NAV 2013. Actually only this from msdn:

Troubleshooting: SQL Server Connection Problems

But that didn’t help me.


  • did install full NAV 2013 (demo installation), next to existing NAV 2009 R2 installation
  • database is installed on instance …\NAVDEMO (with … being the name of my laptop)
  • running SQL Server 2008 R2
  • running Win 7 64-bits

Hi Luc,

That’s one of the “joys” working with new versions - you are touching land nobody else have touched before. Just like Columbus did. Just a shame the Vikings had been there 500 years earlier. How wouldn’t things have been if they had been documenting it better?

I’m also still a novice with NAV 2013, but I guess that you already tested that you still are able to connect with C/SIDE? And that you can access and change the NST server settings with the service module?

On my first install (of the betas) I also did a full install, and that didn’t work either. I think it was because it was using the same ports as my existing NAV 2009 R2 install. But it worked fine installing the components separately.

Did you check this video how to install without NAVDEMO instance?


Did you check all your config files?

Client side:
C:\Users<your username here>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\70\ClientUserSettings.config

Service Tier:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\70\Service\CustomSettings.config

If one of the ports does not match, you can get this problem.

Guys, going to check your input somewhere tomorrow. Will get back with the result.

Tomorrow was way later than planned.

Nevertheless, got it working now in a setup that I wanted, i.e. demo database on my installed SQL Server (now upgraded to SQL Server 2012, and not on an SQL Express installation.