Text box on form

I need to place a text box on a form. Through Object Designer (running 3.60) I can draw the box and then through Properties enter a caption and format, etc. For the Source Expr I entered “Notes”. In the Sales Header table, the table that will be used for this note box, I created the Notes field. So far, so good. I now need to define the variable under Global C/AL symbols but am having a little difficulty with this area. Need some help. I am pretty sure this question has been asked of how to enter a text box field on a form but could not find any previous posts. Could I have a little help? Thanks!

By-the-way, I can open the C/AL Symbol menu but I have a block on what to do at this point. I did find a post that instructed the user to go to this menu and define the variable, But I am not sure how to use this menu. Thx.

Could not get the menu item to work. However, when I closed the form and re-opened, then placed the menu item on the for, it worked. The problem appears to have been the need to close out the form first, define the variable, then place the item on the form. Feel free to keep this post opened since there are people viewing the topic.

Open the form, Selct Field Menu (Alt-V , F) Find “notes” field (press “n”) till you find it. Select Field, paste onto form. Save form.

Looks like you got it then, not sure how our posts crossed but… Anyway, this is a “kown” bug in Navision, often in the designer you will find that you can not place controlls, orthe Variable menus F5 is blak, or that you can resize but not move a control. In this case you need to close the designer, and reopen, this fixes it about 90% of time, but if not then you may need ot go to the extemd of re-booting. Not sure what the issue is, but somethign to do with RAM, (even if you have lots of it).