Input Dialog problems

Hi I want a input dialog to appear and that value must be stored in a variable. How do I accomplish this? At this stage I have a variable of type dialog and I run the INPUT function but I get the following error: “The Dialog Window is not open” Obviously I am doing something wrong. Please fill me on the proper why to use this variable type. Never thought the day I got my Navision Programming Certification is also the day I need help from a programming forum. Life is just full of ironies. Well Microsoft is pushing the certification drive since they recon if we are trained we do not need support. If that was true why do I need help now? Oh well. I am getting side tracked. Info would be appreciated. Thanks.

The short answer is: You must open the dialog first (Dialog.OPEN) [:D]

Well, no sh!t Sherlock!! :slight_smile: Maybe I did not explain myself good enough. I need info on the parameters and stuff. Some code examples would be nice. Very basic nothing to special.‘Input something here #1####’); win.input(1, MyVar);

in my opinion the d.INPUT works lousy since the field you define by #1### looks like it is not editable, but in fact it is. I rather use a small new form in order to be style guide like. Standard Navision does the same (form 366).

Thanks. I would love to use my own form but since Navision is such a money making scheme (A DBMS that charges you for creating new tables. How stupid is that?) I try not to use 2 much forms. OK fine you do buy them in batches of 100’s but the budget for this project is slim.

ok, then you probably will be able to live with an editable “non-editable” textbox and explain that to your users… I just always try to stick to style guide as closely as possible so that the GUI stays consistent for the users.

I know. Thanks. For the help. By no means was I attacking your idea. Just so tired of the Navision restrictions. What I would not give for an object orientated programming language. When is Navision moving to C# again? Can’t wait for that.

I don’t want to sound impolite, but since you apparently hate Navision endlessly, I was wondering why you work with it at all?

Besides that - C/AL is OOP lang, you just cant do much with objs :slight_smile: Plus I dont think that C# will be the cure for everything. It’ll make a lot of things possible, BUT will complicate immensely the programming and testing process, as well. I am surprised by some of mistakes which I’ve seen in code written with such simple language like C/AL and I am sure that you can imagine what a big mess can be done with C#. With all its limitations C/AL is good enough to complete its purpose - being a language to describe and support business logic, not device drivers! Nevertheless, I am big C# (…and C++ :slight_smile: ) fan and I look forward to see it implemented.