Add Column to Table Box

I feel really stupid for asking this, but is it possible to add a new column to an existing table box in the forms designer (3.70A)? I cannot seem to find an easy way to do it. Until now I exported the form to a TXT file, added the new column there and reimported it. But this can’t be the best way, can it?

All you need to do is open the field menu to select from the fields in the table. Select the relevant field and drop it into the table box. Much the same as if the form were a card type. Just be sure to drop it inside the table box control. If you wish to add an unbound column (for example a variable) to the tablebox just open the toolbox and select the textbox control then drop the text box into the tablebox. Navision will automatically add the header label control. Hope you can follow the steps [:)]

plonk I knew I’m just too stupid for this program… [:o] thanks anyway!