table ID 2000007 (date) and menubutton in the form

Dear All, I created a form, for example form A, consists of subform and tab controls. In the tab control, I placed some subforms. The subforms link to new forms that I created alone but all are using the same sourcetable. I created menubutton and commandbutton in one of the form and the form is used in a subform. I set it in one of the subformID. But when I am running the form A, and then go to the tab, click the menubutton, but the menubutton is not work properly.Is there any other way how to create and activate a menubutton of subform placed in the tab control ? I see that most of subforms didn’t attached to a tab control, but I think it will be possible to do what I want. I am looking for table name date in navision (ID# 20000007), but I can’t find it.How could it be happened ? Any replies and answers will be thankful. Rgds, Mark