Creating a form consists of multiple table form.

Dear All, I would like to ask you about how to connect some table forms available in a form. Basically, I created a form, consists of 3 tabs in a tab control and 4 table form in the first tab and 3 table form in the second and thirds tabs, so there are some table forms in the tab control. The table will shows anything relate to production order. I have set a filter field in the above of tab control. The form has source table that is production order line. Can all table forms have different source table ? How to connect the table forms ? [?] Anyhelp from you are welcome. tks beforehand. Rgds, Mark

First Answer: Yes Second Answer: SubFormLink property of the SubForm control

Dear Thomas, All, Tks a lot for your prompt and kindness to reply. I am sorry but I want to change all the words “table form”, I mistyped that actually is “table box” but not table form. this really make me dissappoint of what I wrote. I appreciate you reply and answer from all of you here. Rgds, Mark