Menu's and Sub-Menu's to the 2nd Level

I’ve been asked to create a sub-menu that lists each application group, and then when the user selects one (say Sales and Receivables) they are moved to a sub-menu that shows them all Standardized Reports we’ve produced for that application group.(Main Menu → Application Submenu → Report Menu for that Application). My problem is the menu system. I see how the main menu (form 330) is used with subforms and selecting one causes it to be made visible. However, if I choose an option from one of those menu’s - one that calls another menu - my application list on the left disappears and my menu becomes full screen. I’d like to be able to switch from main menu - to Application Submenu - to Report menu - without banishing my Navision main menu from the left of the screen. I’d also like to program a BACK function into a button at the bottom to cause it to go back to the prior menu. Any ideas on how I’d accomplish this?

Hi Faithie Don’t you like the MainMenu [}:)]? You may create one form with several buttons (most of them are hidden on OpenForm). If you select e.g. Application Menu hide the pushed button and show the button for the next menu and so on… In one form you should be able to track the previous form (button) to call a Back button. Just an idea [;)]. bye André

Sounds like button-button-who’s got the button[:D]… Let me see if I understand right. Create one subform and add it to the main menu. On that subform I’d have both the buttons for the Application report groups, and the reports themselves, and then condition what I show based on what is selected? If I understand right, that’s going to get pretty [xx(]yucky[xx(] after adding 20 reports for S&R, and 10 for GL, and another 10 for Purchasing and so forth. Is there no way to say - when I call this subform - don’t overlay the entire screen - just the subform area of the main menu. Then when I push the back button, remove the subform. Something like that??? It’s not the Navision menu’s we’re having problems with[^]. It’s people running the same report with too many different filterings and then they compare the reports and they’re not the same - so they start screaming DATA PROBLEM![:0] PROGRAM PROBLEM![:0] SYSTEM PROBLEM![:0] - when in fact, it’s just the user filters. We’re hoping to setup the menu’s and the put some standard reports on there with the filters pre-set (to a certain extent) so they can better rely on the reports they get. So, any ideas?

In our reports I print an extra TextBox for each DataItem. The SourceExpr for the TextBox is set to GetFilters. This way the users have a way to check the filters set for a specific print. And if the users don’t check the filters, I will before acting on their cries.[:p] Your solution goes further but may be you can use this too.

I’ve started doing that very same thing - and - adding the Report ID to the top of the report as well. We implemented Navision only 5 months ago, so we’re still confused about which report came from where. The Report ID (actual report object number) helps.[8D]