Table does not exist

Hi. Big problem. My customer gets the following error “The table X does not exist”. The x means every table like sales header, purchase header, and even the table 98 - General Ledger Setup. The error occrus also if I try to run a table form object designer. It seems the hole database is corrupted somehow. I can’t even make a backup! 30 pepole can’t do their work unless I solve this. The windows finacials service has been restarted. The server has been restarted. Please help. Regards, Thomas Jensen.

Which version are you using? Do you have any good backup? How many tables and other objects do you see? Can you post a screen shot of object designer?

Do you have any field in the tables which relates to a Table X. If there is a field relation and this field is displayed on the form then You will get the Error if the Table X has been renamed or is deleted from the Object Designer. The Object designer at the moment checks only for the Data within a table before it allows to delete. It does not check for any Possible table relationship for the Primary key of the table before it allows to Delete. So is the case with renumbering aswell. You will need to remove the Field from the form and put it back again.

Hi. The version is 2.60F. The problem is that the error occurs with a lot of tables, and it changes with what company you are in. (The database is split in two separate files). I am a developer myself and I am sure it’s not a “programing thing”. I have a good backup, but to use this is npt ideal. I can see everything that I am used to in object designer. If I try to run a database test, the same error occurs. Anyone? Best regards Thoams Jensen Norway.