"Table '' does not exist"


I getting message “Table ‘’ does not exist” when i try to design form.

Is anybody had this problem???


Yes definitely seen it before. But am not sure what it was. Is it int he wizzard or in the normal designer.

I rememebr two issues, and can’t remember which is which.

One was where a field inthe table is linked to a second table, but to a field that is in a secondary key instead of the primary key. EG it was something like having a field linked to “Inventory Posting Group” in the Item table, where it should link to “No.”

The other was where a flow field (I think) was linked to a table that was then deleted.

I can’t remember for sure, but it could be a place to start.


The Error read “Table ‘’ is empty.”

This is not the error you where describing.



I have found problem: we had table 0 that did not have BLOB… I belive it was inserted to the Object table without using designer.

How did you find the table that was giving you the error “table " is empty”. every time i start the designer on my items form i get that error and I cant find which table is the problem

It should say in the error message the exact table number that does not exist.