Restore received object table does not exist

During a restore of a 2.6F DB while doing the create keys on table - Reservation Setup - 336 - Received an error "The Object table does not exist any longer. “OK” returned a message about “There is no available space on the disk/diskette…” This occured after the all backups were copied into a newly created - expaned DB. I am currently going through the DB info screen to get to Tables and I am “checking” each table on primary and secondary keys. The 336 table does not show here - but is listed in object designer. A “run” on the table seems to give a blank record. I am expecting the “check” of the keys to not work and I am asking for help when I found out it does not.

Additional information - the test of the keys will not contruct the secondary keys. So from object 336 on down all I have are the primary keys at 100%. Is there anyway to actually construct the keys they way the restore does without doing a restore? I am in the process of backing up what I have. I will try to restore the orginal - depending on the size of this backup of the Keyless DB. The Table 336 seems to be in the DB so I do not understand the error message(s) from the first restore.

Continued discussion in house suggests there is an object of all the tables thus the capitle letter in the error message “The Object table does not exist any longer” Thanks ahead of time for any thoughts or suggestions.

I found a posting dated 2003 June 10th by searching for disk space errors. It just took me awhile to look for the disk space issue because of the first message making me think that I had a bad backup or issues of a bad restore unrelated to space. Currently moving things of server C: drive to make room for restore.

Things have improved. I cleaned off C: on the server and have made it past the point of the first two aborts. But there are bigger files to come. I stayed with opening the DB under the service and just keep ahead of the space needs by removing / coping things off to other locations. 2.60F / 88% full - 40 Gig Native DB running with a restore about 6.5 gig free on C: Thanks again for having the info out here to give me a light in the storm. [:D] - This one is closed - I hope. I am still in the middle of the restore.