StringEdit single line

i set the property “multiline=yes” for StringEdit, but when i open it , it still single line, what’s the problem, the string length is 60, i think it’s long enough to have multilines.

I can’t reproduce your problem. Please try the same thing as I:

  1. Create a form.
  2. Add a single StringEdit control there.
  3. Set ExtendedDataType to Name (It has StringSize = 60).
  4. Set MultiLine = Yes.
  5. Open the form.

I assume that your problem is caused by something you didn’t tell us.

Hi Martin, i actually extend the “Name”, i did all you mentioned above, is there anything that i missed configuring the “Design” or “Group”?

What are you talking about? There is no “Group” in the steps above. Are you sure tried them?

I said if we have do any configuration for that “Group”, or the “Design” except configuring the “multiline=yes”.

Okay, if you want to ignore what I’m saying to you, please provide your own reproduction steps so others can follow them. If you don’t explain the problem, you simply won’t get any answer. It’s up to you.

May be it can be an issue with the Usage data.
Once i also had this type of problem. Clearing out the usage data resolved my problem. Try it.

Hi Martin

I told you everything i did, i export and import this form to another environment, it works well, not sure why.

I take it that your original question (how to create multiline text boxes and whether it is related to string length) is now answered but it’s not the question that you actually wanted to ask…

Now you’re saying that you have a problem with a single text box in one particular environment, right? And you’re unable to reproduce the problem, right?

Hi Martin, you are right, the problem only exists in one environment, and i only have two environments, and another environment is ok.