multiline textbox

Hi All,

I would like to add a text box control on a card form which will be used to add some notes(text) for each record. I have tried with text box (with multi line property set to Yes). But i am unable to enter the text in multiple lines. All the text entered is going in to one line.If i hit enter after entering some text the control is going to other controls. If any one know how to do it, please help me.Waiting for reply.

With the MultiLine Property you cannot set a Line Break by pressing Enter. With MultiLine, NAV performs an automatic break at a blank space if the visible size of the Textbox is exceeded - after you have left the TextBox; during insertion everything is displayed in one line.

To create a manual Line Break you have to insert a \ (backslash).

Thanx for the reply. It helped me lot.

You might want to look at usint the Multi-line text box tool from Digital Vantage Point. I beleive it’s a free download.