Strange Page Breaks in Report

Hello all, We have a rather simple report that prints a list of customer ledger entries, along with a few fixed headers and footers (no groups or other fancy stuff [:)]). Ledger entries are printed in a single one-lined body section. If all the page margins are left at their default values, everything works as expected, the list of ledger entries starts on the first page and is continued on the second. Now if the bottom margin is increased above 25mm, all entries are moved from the first page to the second, leaving a huge white space on page one. From page two on, everything works ok again. We tried setting the bottom margin both in the report designer and during execution - no effect. I changed the “KeepWithNext” property of all sections to “No” - no effect. Any ideas???

You must certainly don’t have enough space on your first page since you have increased the bottom mardgin. You have to make space on your first page so that your whole section can be kept on this page. Best Regard Arnaud - France

have u tried printonverypage property

Arnaud, there is plenty of space left on the first page… If the margin is set to 20, there are ~ 15 lines of ledgers entries printed on page 1. If the margin is only slightly increased to 25, all the entries are moved to page 2, and there is a huge white space left between the header and the bottom of the page. There is another aspect that came to my mind only after I posted my original question: The report has two header sections, one in German and another one in English. Only one of these sections is printed on eachg run, but could it be possible that Navision determines that the second section is not to be printed only after calculating space requirements and inserting a page break because the second header would not fit on page one?

I have found that even if there are some headers that are not printed it still holds the space, because in a number of reports we have several headers and several footers.So try and make them as small as possible.

Maybe the report flowchat in the Application Designer’s Guide can give you some clues.

Lars, I checked the documentation - it says that when OnPreSection fires, space requirements have not yet been calculated. This suggests that multiple sections, of which a few are suppressed, shouldn’t cause any problems… [:(]