Unexpected Pagebreak in report

I made some changes in the footersection of the report “Invoice”. Now I have one transfooter and one footer with properties: Print on every page = no Print in bottom = yes But when I run the report for an Invoice with 24 lines, it breaks the first page after all the lines and shows only the footer on the second page, while there was room enough to place the footer on the first page. Has anyone an idea how to solve this ?

Yes Navision reports!! The only way to tell what is happening is trial and error, they never do what you are expecting and always take three times as long to write than they should. My only hints are to look if there are any other footers/items getting called. I find it helps to just put a textbox in any blank items to see if and how many times they are being called. Try with 23 lines to see if the page break still happens. Just make sure there are no CurrReport.NEWPAGE in the code! Paul Baxter

Well, it can help a lot to take a look at the report flowchart in one of the appendixes in the Application Designer’s Guide :slight_smile: Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S www.columbusitpartner.com

Be alert for blank lines (whites space without any control) in any section of the report. The room required to print these empty lines will always be reserved, regardless if the section itself is printed or not. John