TransFooter Not Working

Hi guys,

old report print 10 lines, new report after i modify print only 6 line.

similar posted sales invoice line document no. but its just doesnt work already.

I check all sections of the body in pre-dataitem where displayed took place, all properties are set to followed with next page = yes.

Anything that I miss ?

What modifications you have done?

Hi Mohana,

I add new conditions:

Old: CurrCreport.ShowOutput((A) And (B))
NEW: CurrCreport.ShowOutput((A) And (B) And (C))

Old report are able to displayed in but they went to next page.

Have you added any sections or increased size of sections?

Hi Mohana,

I have added more sections and within the sections I place a label to simulate any missing lines printed too.

However within all sections, I just placed ample space for all text and label.


If you have added new sections means it will consume some space to print so the previous lines went to second page…

Hi Mohana,

Understood that explanation, thus I added the label to display for particular sections in case there is a output.

Sorry…I am not getting what you are saying…

Hi mohana,

If there is no display for the sections it would not be consuming any spaces.

However should there be a display of blank text box control, I would have know. Because I did put a label control with caption

to indicate it. Eg: Label control with caption: Cust Ledger Entry Body11

The hidden sections do not use any printing space but they are included in the calculations for when a page break happens.

The more hidden sections there are the earlier a page break might happen.

This is an old problem. For a possible workaround you might want to search the forum.

Hi Martin,

That’s something new, but what are the text/ search key that I ought to place in the search column within this forum?

Hi Martin,

Thanks managed to solved it by deleting away the sections, and a little tweak on my codes.