Start Production order


When i start a production order in the Picking list journal section I have two checkboxes Phisical reduction and Pick negative. They can not be cheched in the same time.

My question is for example if i need quantity of 20 and i have 10 in the store, how to tell AX first to pick the 10 i have, and then to pick 10 negative?

Is it possible?

Are you really decided to let the users pick negative??

It is something that should be allowed in JIT environments where the units you are negatively picking are about to be delivered from the supplier, those negatives could cause you headaches…

If you want to do so, I would check the Negative inventory parameter in the Item model group.

Yes I`v checked the negative parameter. I also tested what will happen if i chewck the Pick negative in production order and i have on-hand inventory. It consumes first the onhand.

I have no choice but work with negative inventory.

Just tick pick negative - the physical reduction picks to what you have in stock, so it would pick 10, you want it to pick 20 and drive it negative, so just tick pick negative.

Thank you, Adam.

This solves the problem.