25 qty can not picked because only -65 qty is/are available from the inventory

Dear All,

can anybody tell why this is error is comming while posting the po packing slip

error is: 25 qty can not picked because only -65 qty is/are available from the inventory



hi siddu,

This error comes whenever u try to consume negative inventory (means physical inventory is already in negative).

If you want to do further, u can check physical negative inventory checkbox, available in inventory module–>setup–>inventory–>inventory model groups–>under setup tab u have this option. u can chek this and verify whether u get that error again.



hi ramya,

thanks for ur replay…

yes you are correct,already negative stock is there which is i am traing to post the Purchase GRN but we are not consuming(using the mstock) that negative stock, we are traing to increase the stock thru posting the po grn so it should throw error correct?



If it is not a single line order set teh receipt quantity in teh recieve now and just process the line.

Hi Adam,

sorry,not understanding what you are telling,pls can you tell clearly…



Process the line as you would a partial receipt - or do you not know how to do this as standard functionality?


I have the same error “5.00 cannot be picked because only -96.00 is/are available from the inventory”

I’m working in ax for retail and this error appears when I post statement and the "Physical negative inventory " is checked in warehouse “retail” fast tab

any ideas because I didn’t understand the above solutions