DAX 2009 and Picking list / Registration

After I create the sales order i create the picking list.

I cannot find the correct way to handle these scenarios :

  1. A customer orders an item with qty 10. I create the picking list and print it. Later he calls me and says he wants a total of 8, so i must remove 2. How can I create a return order so when i print the new picking list the people in the warehouse knows they must remove 2 of that item.

  2. I registered the picking list. The customer calls me before delivery (so the packing slip hasnt been booked yet) and says he wants 8.

  3. I booked the packing slip and on delivery the customer returns 2 . Packing slip hasnt been invoiced yet.

How do I handle these situations? I tried placing a negative quantity of that item in the order but I cannot print a picking list for the negative quantity.

There are many ways to handle these, all depends on timing and requirements.

  1. If it is not issued to the warehouse register the pick for zero, alter the order quantity, generate the pick again.

  2. Ship 8 using deliver now - you would usually reference pick I presume, then ship 2 and deliver now -2 and ship these.

  3. I have replied to this in the other posting. Deliver now a negative quantity.

These are examples of potential options depending upon timing and requirements - they are not THE answer. You need to look at the software, understand the options and apply them.

  1. The picking list already went to the warehouse and has been picked but not registered yet. Your solution works but then somebody has to go to the warehouse and manually edit the picking list, something that I dont want. I was more looking for another pick list with a negative quantity so the people in the warehouse gets on paper what they need to remove from the order

  2. Works using your method only it’s alot of work for a simple thing. Isnt there another solution?

  3. Works.


It is all about control - in many many businesses once the order is picked changes to the order cannot be made due to the work involved in interrupting a mass process. Any interuption here will involve work. With 1 if it is not yet registered you can register the lesser quantity and put the remainder back. You cannot issue a negative pick list until the items are registered. So if you register it for the original amount how do you tell the warehouse to unpick them without sending someone down to the warehouse anyway. You would need to look at the process here, it is not something I can really comment on, you could register it and then create a negative pick from the deliver now, however there are so many ways this can go wrong depending on the process and timings. If the picked order sits in a packing area for a length of time appropriate, and then the pick is processed in a timely enough fashion then the negative pick could work - but why are they not registered, what is the process here and how does it impact on your overall requirements.

Basically 2 is not a simple thing, you have loaded an order, firmed it, confirmed it, picked it registered it and are about to ship it. Your alternative is to ship 10 and then deliver now -2. Your issue here is not only that you have picked it but you have registered it so you have gone through several gate control points already.

The quickest way is go into the sales order form and on the item pane select inventory>pick.

The process a negative pick which will return it back to the location of where the item is picked from.

You have to let the warehouse worker know because there is no work order sent to him or her.