Undo warehouse pick

Hi, How do undo warehouse pick once it has been registered? For example, create a sales order of Qty to ship 72, create the shipment for this order, and registered the pick document. Then customer changed the order Qty to be 70, how do you change the pick document from 72 to 70? I am using Navision 4.0. Thanks, Trin

You can delete posted document and post ne one. You have to move 2 pc back to warehouse.

Hi Valentin, After I deleted the posted Pick, how can create a new one from the shipment. The status is changed into “completely picked”. And if I try to create a new one, it says"Nothing to handle.". Thanks, Trin

Delete Wharehouse Shipment Line and recreate it again.

Hi, Valentin, Is there a way to avoid deleting the shipment? Sometimes we have a sales order with 70 lines, and with one line changes, we don’t want to delete all the shipments and start all over again. Thanks Trin