Start production order error

i got below error when i start a production order.

purchase order JSCN-000017 for item (L0004) is create automatically when i create the production order.

item(L0004) product type is “service” and the BOM line type is “vendor”. the purchase order(JSCN-000017) has already been invoiced. and the production order is on “Released”.

i got above error when i try to start the production order.



Looking to your error screen shot, I guess you have not reserved the items used in production due to this its showing error.


Hi Mohammed,

How to verify that if the items is reserved or not? and if so ,how to manually do the reservation?

many thanks.

i’m a AX newbie.

I think picking list journal is already associated with the production line. Check it from View/Journals/Picking list. If yes, start the production order using Automatic BOM consumption= Never and then post the picking list journal manually.

From the BOM lines view Inventory=> Reservation form. You can see here the complete picture of item inventory for different inventory dimension. In the same form you can reserve items manually. Just enter value into Reservation field to do that.

Exactly… Thanks…

Hi Kiran,

the picking list is already created as you said, and i tried to start the production order using automatic BOM consumption=never, the error is almost the same.

It’s really tricky, i cannot input anything in that column , see below picture.

How can you now need to “start” production when one of the elements in the steps to make this has had the service received and invoiced? It makes not sense. You have to have started production to require the service.

you are right, now i invoiced the services first ,then i cannot start the production now. when i want to fallback to the “created” status it cannot work. this probably is caused by the posted purchase order . please refer to another thread, “” ,

i would like to close these thread now.