Sorting Can Not Be Done


I added a flowfield ( text 30 lenght ) and all is working fine, except ordering.
Navision shows this error, and can’t find the solution for it on google, so hopefully
someone knows how to fix this error.



Have you added this flowfield in the dataitemtableview of the page?

In the page and table is no dataitemtableview field. Its navision 2015
Its also not a report, its page number 9313

Yes, what I actually meant was sourcetableview! Have you made any changes in this property in Page 9313?

Yes sourcetableview is filled.
Its filles with its default value

Could you debug and check where the error is coming?

Hi MaxNavision

Have you seen Mark’s post ?…/tip-56-fix-error-sorting-cannot-be-done-based-on-the-xx-field-s

Good luck!


Its stopping at:

OnFindRecord(Which : Text) : Boolean

Its a text field, no interger