Sorting on flow fields

Hi, A customer wants to sort a view of a table on a form using a flow field and I believe this isn’t possible - is there a workaround? Many thanks for any help, Phil.

You are right, a FlowField can not be part of a key and therefore can not be used for sorting. See,field,sort for a workaround.

hi Phil, dont know if this will help you in anyway. try this. if the flowfield is a decimal/interger field then add a temporary field to hold same datatype as flowfield and make it non editable and add it to key list.when you run the form write the similar code as below: OnOpenForm() IF Cust.FIND(’-’) THEN REPEAT Cust.CALCFIELDS(“Balance (LCY)”); Cust.“Bal for Sort” := Cust.“Balance (LCY)”; Cust.MODIFY; UNTIL Cust.NEXT = 0; now u can set the sorting order. [:)]

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Hey Lakshmi… Ur Post helped… Thanks :slight_smile: