some problems with subform content

Hello I faced the following problem with no any solutions for it. I have the main form and subform. The main form hasn’t a SourceTable and has a LookUP field to select keyed field from a TABLE1 (master). The grid (list) subform is based on a TABLE2, what is detailed with respect to TABLE1 (cardinality: many records of TABLE2 to one record of TABLE1). I would like to show within subform all records, related to selected one in LookUP. Changing selection in LookUP I would like to show renewed content of subform properly. Who can help me with advice or example code? Regards, Alexander Abramov email:

Hi even i have the same problem and tried invain to find a solution. pleas suggest whether it is possible or not, bcoz the main and subform link always poses problems. Thanx in advance Kumar

Hi, what is the reason for that you have no source table on your main form? Otherwise you can do it like Navision does it on every main– sub form. Micha

Dear Micha Thank You for attention to my problem. I had Source table (TABLE1) for main form before. Every time when I tried to chang keyed field (through mentioned earlier LooUP field)NA shown a modal window with as message as “Do you want to replace field?” I confirmed my intention and got “Record with … exists”. As result I has unbound main form and TABLE1

Hi, I would still keep the source table on the main form. But you will have to make a variable from which you make the lookup. When the lookup variable is validated you can get the correct record in the source table. The subform will automatically follow.

Dear Micha and Anders Thank You for help. I have agregated your proposals and produced right solution (i.e working properly) Regards, Alexander Abramov