Please help!

Hi everyone, At the moment I have a subform that just displays all existing items. What I would like to do is to create an item record on a subform depending on what is selected from a particular field on the main form. The field on the mainform is a lookup for another table which has an item no. associated with it - (depending on what is selected here I have to create the item record in the subform). So the mainform is related to TABLE 1. The subform is related to TABLE 2 and the lookup table from which I want to get the item code from is related to TABLE 3. How do I go about doing this? Hope this makes sense. Can anyone help please? Regards

Dear Shaziya Rajput Please use the search feature before posting new questions. As I wrote earlier today, then this question has been asked and answered several times already. AND PLEASE DON’T CROSS POST (POST THE SAME QUESTION IN SEVERAL FORUMS). Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster