Subform trouble.

hi All.

I am trying to create an card form with a subform in 1 tab. i have specified the Subformlink and SubformID,but still i dont get any information in the subform tab! can anyone please tell me where i went wrong?5670.form.bmp (2.25 MB)

Thanks in advance:)

What is the source expression of your card form and the expression of the subformlink that you are using ?

HI Shona Check your subform Link there must be the the header table and linne table properly.


Jerome Marshal.J

hi mohamed ,

My SourceTable is customer, Subformlink is No.=FIELD(No.) { i am linking item table ‘No’ to cust table ‘No’ }


hey i got the it, yeah i have made an minor mistake while linking!

In SubformID instead of ‘Item card’, i had given ‘Item List’

thanks man:)

Hi Shona

As per your SubFormLink your sub form will show the records of customer who’s customer No is equl to Item Number.The problem is records may not available.Create a new customer with Customer No 001 and create a Item with Item No 001 now navigate your subform will show the record 001



oh but it is producing the result[*-)]. so no issues i guess! In my requirement, it was specified that i link both the tables no! but thanks again[:D]

a code that is a customer table key is nothing to do with a code that is an item table key, and need not to be a f.key one to another. the logic is not there nor serving certain purpose.

it might give you result, but it’s not informing you anything. e.g. you have customer name ‘Tiffany & Co. Ltd’, coded as ‘TIFFANY01’ . and what it needs to do with a product coded as ‘TIFFANY01’.

except, you are dealing only with 1 time customer ordering 1 time unique, specific or kind of ‘order to design’ product.

hi joe,

mmmm you might be right. this requirement was given to me as a test experienment to see whether i can link an subform to the card or nt! its like an learning exercise and nothing else. so they said just link the first field No in both and produce the result. its barely been 3 month since i started learning NAV. so they just give me small linking exercise like this to improve my knowledge:)

But thanks all the same:) i will remember this when 'm asked to code similar kind for cust:)