Cannot edit a record in Business relations (smmBusRelTable). The values displayed in the form are not current, so an update or deletion cannot be made. To view the current values, on the Command menu, click Restore or press CTRL+F5. Regards Shrishti

Then do it ! it will restore current value.


Not sure what you are trying to say.

While posting any query, please make sure that it is meaningful and can easily be understood by others [:)] This way you won’t have to waste your time and importantly others will not waste their time as time is precious.

It can happen when the same record is accessed and being modified by another user or the record has been updated at the table level and not refreshed on your form, the reason why it is asking you to do a restore so that you will be able to see the current data.

Whenevr we are making a new enquiry or creating a quotation or trying to convert a prospect into a customer ,we are not able to save values .

Some Database related errors always crop up.Also we are not able to synchronize the database.Why ?




It appears that the application is not installed properly. Can you confirm the installation / upgradation checklists (under Admin > Setup > System) been completed? If not, have a developer to complete those steps.

I have seen something very similar when the DirPartyRelationship records are messed up. Do you have any customization around it or have you done any data migration?