SMMBusRelTable and it's related table help

Hi, I am currently looking at developing a query with the following tables;

SMMBusRelTable SMMActivities SMMActivityParentLinkTable

I have noticed a ‘glitch’ I think in the smmActivityParentLinkTable - this table is supposed to be the link between BusinessRelations and the Activities created against them, however when I open this table up there are no acitivty numbers against any of the records. The RefRecId seems to be the RecId field from the BusRelTable, but I cannot understand why newly created Activities are not being stored in the smmActivityParentLinkTable.

Records are created as and when new activities are created, but Activity Numbers are not being assigned!?!

If anyone can help I would grealty appreciate it.

yes i have seen this on AX2012 seems MS bug

The problem with the field not showing is that it is preset with Visible property to “no” so the data is not visible.