Error in my customized table

Hi all,

In my grid i’m geting the below error .

Cannot edit a record in custm table
The values displayed in the form are not current, so an update or deletion cannot be made. To view the current values, on the Command menu, click Restore or press CTRL+F5.

when i’m trying to update the value in customized table via the two logins at same time . i’m getting the above error

can anyone help me on this .

Can you please tell us more about your logic, please?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the responce. We are having the table with repeating Id’s. And we are showing those records in the form and it that form we placed one bounded check box.

And also we placed one button in that form for updating the checkbox. If that check box get updated means (from no to yes) during the click event, then the prcossed record will disapear from our form.

That is for to check whether the process is completed or not. Based on check box, we found that record gets processed or not

So while doing the above process via two logins with different user name. We are getting the above error.

So, we need your suggestion to avoid that error.

we tried by placing the datasource reread and refresh. But still we are getting that error.

We suspect that is because, if anyone processed means, then that record disappeared from that for that particular session only. But for another user it remains in that form. So is there is any option to refreshing the grid for all users. when any user processed?

I’m sorry, but I’m unable to detect the bug from this description.

First of all, tell us what the two users must do to get this error. I guess that they update the same record without refreshing the form in between. Is it so? Or are they changing different records?

Then tell us what behavior you expect. Let’s say that I see “Yes” in the form, although the value is “No” in database, because somebody else has changed it. Now I press the button - what should happen? For example, it might try the update and if it fails (as above), it might catch the error, reread the value from database and either try the update again or skip it, if the right value is already there.

And then show us your code.


If i am not wrong then then there is an refresh issue with your form and whenever you pressed CTR+F5 your form got refresh.

For your case data update stuck because system not able to cache the table, when you are doing multiple updates.

Is there any index with combination fields in your customized table?
Could you please tell us what is your customized table property, especially table group, table type and cachelookup property. Because as per your description What i understand that in your customized table having an index of combination fields and allow duplicate is no for this index.