Shipping charges

I have separate invoices for shipping charges related to completed sales orders and I’d like to link those charges to the SO’s for reporting purposes. Is there a way to link the G/L line in the purchase invoice I create to the SO?

How about using Item charge for the same ?

The shipping charge is directly related to the SO but it is not included in the amount the customer pays to us, it is an expense we pay ourselves separately. Do you think that makes it different?

The main purpose of the item charges is to “add” additional costs which must effect the total cost of the sales invoice and here by the profit of the invoice. So your charges does have to have a sales price, just a cost. You can basically take a freight purchase invoice and apply it to on or more invoices.

I’m going to confirm what I think you’re telling me (correct me if I’m mistaken). The item charge on a purchase invoice is a way to add an additional cost to a posted sales invoice. Example: $100 freight charge for shipping is received and I know what sales invoice it relates to. I create the purchase invoice and instead of G/L I select Item charge under Type, correct? Then i assign the item charge under the ‘Lines’ drop down. How does the expense get recorded in our general ledger? I appreciate the help.

Hi Oscarcon,
Yes. Exactly how it’s posting this in G/L I’m a bit uncertain about, but test it in Cronus before you proceed.

The GL Postings are controlled by the combination of the Item Charge’s “Gen. Prod. Posting Group” and the Vendor’s “Business Posting Group”. The posting is controlled by the item charge line and not the item line to which it is assigned.