Charging Cost to Inventory-after Purch. Inv posted

Hi Pple Like to find some views on the abovementioned. Have the requirement of charging cost subsequent to posting of the purchase invoice. This means that standard charge item in purchase invoice cannot be used. Had previously encountered the problem but worked around the problem by using fake vendors to charge the cost to the inventory but it seems that instead of reducing the users’ workload, it increases it because of the reversal, etc. Have anyone here experienced it before? Thanks in advance.

Hi Nova Can you explain why you cannot apply the item charge after the posting of the purchase invoice? If applied to the receipt this will simply add up the cost amount and be seen separately in the value entries. I believe this is in common use for handling freight duty where the invoice is received for the goods prior to receipt, but duty invoice (from a different supplier) comes months later.

Hi Steven Thanks for replying. Think my question has been vague. My purchase invoice is actuallly for packing materials. My clients does not want to maintain these materials as inventory, which means I have to use item charge. But then again, they would not be able to determine which item they are going to charge to when they receive the materials from the vendor. So they have to assign these charges much later after the purchase invoice for the materials.

Hi Nova So the packaging forms no inventory transaction from an item perspective, and the issue with item charges is that you do not know where to apply the charge, therefore can you not just purchase direct against a GL account? I do not see the advantage item charges is giving you here.

Hi Steven Actually the first thing that comes to my mind when I need to jack up the cost of inventory is through item charge (in the purchase invoice). Is there any way to do it besides that? The reason why I cannot do it through the GL is because the item statistics will not be correct (i.e. value entries and item ledger entries cost). If we need to create reports in future, it will be doubly hard, esp when it comes to profitability of item sales. Hence I was thinking of ways to increase the value of these items through charging them up so that the sub-ledgers (item ledger entries and values entries) will be impacted as well.

Hi Nova If they want the accurate costing then they will have to put in the time, and either assign the charge correctly, or use packaging as an item. No shortcut exists for getting accurate data out without bothering to put it in [:D]

Yah… actually the problem can be solved if they maintain inventory for packing items but then again I can understand their concern, the items are really a one time thing, i.e. the materials will not be used the second time and they really don’t want to see them in their inventory list. Their existing system actually allows them to maintain these cost at the GL level and subsequently tagged to inventory for costing purpose. Guess its all about expectations.[8D]

Hi Nova Well you can always mod it [:D]. We have modified item charges to auto assign to the line above on one of our sites, so I am sure the clever devleopers will be able to solve this one.

wo… Steven, when you mentioned auto assign it above the line, I din quite get you. Can elaborate abit? Thanks.[:)]

Well you’ll have to take this from a non-developer [:D] These charges are entered onto sales orders. The charges are entered sporadically (depending upon the customer requirements) and the user knows that they have to be entered after the ordered item. In standrd Navision the user would have to go to the assignment seciton and define the charge on line 20000 to the item on line 10000, but the developers have made this seemless, so the assignment takes place automatically. Of course the users have to enter this in the set manner on the sales order or it does not work.

oh… its more on the charging of cost during the execution of sales. My customer is actually more interested recognising the value in their inventory at the point where packaging is done. Sounds like manufacturing, huh? [;)] But anyway, I’m thinking of using one item for recognising all their cost and using lot tracking & FIFO for the costing purpose. This takes away the need to maintain long list of inventory. But now need to get their approval on this solution. Thanx for your advises Steven!