Sales Order Report

Not sure if this is the right place to post this: I have an report with the following code in OnAfterGetReport: SalesLineTotalAmount := SalesLineTotalAmount + “Sales Line”.“Qty. to Invoice” * “Sales Line”.“Unit Price”; What i would like to add is that in the SalesLine i have a shipping cost wich is Account G/L, how can i add that? The shipping cost is just sometimes. thanks

Do you have a selec line which contains type = G/L Account and No = your GLAccount No.? Even I would prefer to use resources instead to “sell” shipment costs. All you need is your own General Product Posting group for shipping and assigned Sales Accounts for the shipping costs for all General Business Posting Groups. So you can make sure that the VAT is calculated correctly for local/foreign shipments based on the General Business Posting Group of the customer. So in the end the question is : Should your shipment costs being calculated automatically ? Or do you add these manually ?

the shipping cost is added manually in the sales orders.

Are the costs added as a seperate line ? Or do you want to create an additional field and add the costs related to each line manually ?

The costs are added as a seperate line.