E-Ship and G/L Account Lines

Sorry for the cross post, but I need some ideas on this issue and the other site isn’t helping.

First a little background about my issue. We have a need to reduce certain invoices by a fixed amount because the sale originates from an external service which collects the sale and remits payment to us less their fee. Our accounting department decided to implement this by adding a G/L account line to the sales order with a negative amount, effectively reducing our net invoice amount to match the amount we expect to receive as payment.

We use E-Ship for shipping, and a report object that was included with E-Ship to do batch invoicing of those shipments which is scheduled to run nightly.

Our problem is E-Ship will not pick up G/L account lines on our sales orders when we ship. When we pick and ship these orders the G/L account lines are not add to the posted shipment by E-Ship, and therefore are not invoiced when the batch invoicing runs. So after shipping we end up with a sales order that has an open G/L line remaining, and this line cannot be shipped and invoiced because the line amount is negative which would end up creating an invoice with a negative total. We need the G/L line to ship with the item so that it will reduce the invoice total correctly.

I’d rather not modify any system code. This is a very reasonable request and since base Navision can do this, E-Ship should also be able to do this as well.

I’m open to suggestions about how to implement this in a way that will work with our shipping & invoicing process, any ideas are welcome.


I’m sure you could modify E-Ship to do it as there is probably just a filter for the Type field on the lines. I don’t know if that’s a modification you should do, though. It’s designed to ship physical goods and I can see someone ending up with a lot of shipped G/L or Resource lines that shouldn’t have been.

Have you looked into Charge Items? Or the base discounting features like customer groups? I don’t know what the fees for the provider are like so it’s a little hard to suggest anything.

The fees are calculated by the service and just appear on the order as a line item with a dollar amount. So we’ve just been plugging that value into the G/L lines. I haven’t looked into Charge Items, but the thought of using discounting had crossed my mind. I’m not familiar with either so I’ll need to do some research. (I’m an IT guy not an accountant, but somehow the business decided this was an IT issue… )

Thanks for the ideas!

I understand why they think that. They came up with a process, NAV is supposed to be able to bend to just about any business process, and it isn’t working as they would expect.

Perhaps you could just set E-Ship to ship the items, instead of ship and invoice (what it sounds like you are doing). Then use the normal batch posting report to ship and invoice, which would ship the one remaining line and then invoice everything.

I think part of the issue is the fact that we’re also using inventory picks.

When I use base NAV functionality (no e-ship) I can get the system to post an invoice with both an item and a G/L line. But that invoice is based on two separate posted sales shipments (because of the inventory pick requirement). Ideally I would like to have 1 posted sales shipment with the item and the G/L line both on that one posted sales shipment. (Which is possible IF I don’t require inventory picks AND do not use e-ship to create the shipment.)

I’ve also been testing with the Charge Item, e-ship won’t ship it either (same issues I run into with the G/L line). So, I’m going to test discounts now…

Looks like invoice discounts are going to work for us. Thanks for the help!