shipment time

hello to everyone, due to legal requirements in greece we have a type of document “shipment-Invoice” and from navision we post it from invoice form. the problem is that i want to the invoice report to print shipment time or at least the posting time (if exist). even if i put the shipment time field in the report does not printed’ do you have any ideas how to overcome this? gdeivekis

I am affraid your post is a little confusing. Do you always post a shipment for this report, or do you want the Shipping Time on the invoice? The Shipping Time is a Navision date formula, if you print this it can say 1W+1D. Do you want to print this or do you want it to say “One week and one day”?

we call it shipment-invoice and is one report (quantity+Value) when i am saying shiping time i mean time formula (time of issue) and not date formula. we obliged from law to print the time of issue in the invoices

George, in Codeunit 80 you need to add code such as SalesHeader."Posted At" := TIME; This will put the current time into the field you are trying to print. If you can’t access CU80, then this should be done by your NSC.