Default Posting Date Issue!

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Have any one setup the “Default Posting Date” to “work date” in Sales & Receivables Setup? in Navision Version 5.0 (SP1).

I have tested out this and some how this doesn’t work. I assume by the above setup that Navision should Automatically take up the “work date” and use it as the posting date. But when I see my posted Invoices, it did not reflect the current work date rather it is still showing the old date as off last week.

Any Idea? if this is an Error? or any fix for the Error??




On a posted invoice the date is the date, it will not refelct the work date on a posted invoice for tax and legal reasons. The idea behind this flag is for example you load an order on the 01/11/09, you then ship it on the 03/11/09, previously you had to change to posting date to 03/11/09 which was always a complaint from end users, now with this flag even though the date states 01/11/09 when you post it the date stamped as the posting date will actually be the work date you ship it on.

This is not an error. By setting “Default Posting Date” to “work date”, it means when you create a Sales Order/ Sales Invoice the posting date by default will be filled and value will be work date. Create a new document and you will observe that Posting Date is automatically filled in and if you ship it on some different date then the posting date of Posted Shipment will be current date.

Your posted document is showing the old date, becasue document was created last week.

Are you expecting that whenever you see a posted document, then system should show posting date as TODAY? even if document was posted 2 years back and it should show posting date as today’s date?

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Thanks Adam & Dhan Raj,

Yes I can recollect the Issue of Posting Date in Shipments in version 3 & 4.0. Ok fine, let me test if this works fine now…

For Invoices, it will help to pick the correct exchange rate as long as it falls in the same month. We had modified this in 4.0 to one of our customer for Navision to Auto pick the posting date to work date which falls in the current month.

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