To be invoice report


Can anyone please advise me on where to get this report or screen:

  • If we post a shipment without posting the invoice, where does Navision records the fact that maybe later we will invoice those goods ?

  • If the price before we ship the goods is 0, will Navision tells us that we will expect to invoice for free and then receive no money from customer?

  • If the price is 100 when we ship, will Navision tells us that we will expect to invoice for 100 and then receive 100 from customer ?

Where does Navision accounts for this info ?

I hope someone can help us on this. Also I been looking at an equivalent report about To be Invoice report but i cannot find any.

Please advise.


1 - In item ledger entry and sales order you have several fields to accomplish that. In Sales Order you should look at quantity, quantity invoiced and quantity shipped. In Item ledger entry you should look at quantity and invoiced quantity.

2 – It’s a regular invoice but with zero value.

3 – I didn’t fully understand this question. In item ledger entry you have Sales Amount (Expected). I don’t know if this field fully accomplishes your needs

thanks for the quick reply.

  1. is there one report that caters this requirement?

  2. yeah it is a regular invoice with zero values, any report that will cater this?

  3. same thing with num# 2 but this time with value.

many thanks.


Not sure where you are but in the UK we have Goods Shipped Not Invoiced Report for 1.

2 will be seen on the screen against the customer on the balance, in the GL in the debtors, on the entries as remaining amount and in the aged debtors report. Navision will treat a zero invoice slightly differently, the transaction is automatically closed and therefore does not appear, as you receive nothing for it.

we are in uk, but we dnt have that report? is it a standard report? where can i find it?


You might be in the UK but are you running the GB version? [:D]

Report 10540 Stock Received not Invoiced NAVGB4.00

Menu path: Sales - Inventory & Pricing - Reports.

thanks Adam. I am correct the the account used in shipment and invoicing transaction depends on the posting set-up of gen. business and gen. product posting group?


Invoicing goes to sales, and the cost of goods at shipment go to the interim accounts if you are using expected cost posting, but yes you are in the correct place!

thanks Adam!