Shipment Reseve Error message

Hi I purchase 1000 chair through Po and I select ware house no-22. post packig slip nd invoce, in my Inventory on hand its showing total physical available quqntity 1000. and its store in 01-01-02( bulk location) Now we I create sales order for 200 chairs, select ware house no-22 Locatio- out_01, when I click inventory on hand—>> its NOT showing Available physical quantity 1000, if i delete warehouse nd location, then select inventory–> on hand , its showing available physical 1000 quantity pls let me know why??? why its not showing available physical 1000 2- I went to inventory —> output order, select 200 chairs create shipment-> wizard-ok when I click Shipment → Function–> Reseve. its showing a error message “” 200 ITEMS cant be reseved bcoz only 0.00 available in inventory, warehouse 22, location 01-03-01"’ how to solve this? Thanks Ravi Thanks

Because the location is set and controlled. Look at the dimension group and the location setting.